Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thompsons Water Seal for Stamped Concrete

Can we use Thompson's Water Seal on Stamped Concrete?
Absolutely not! We get asked this question all the time at Handybears and the answer is NO, NADA…  

Here’s why.
Thompson's water seal has silicone in it. If you this or any other product with silicone in it, on concrete, nothing will ever (and we mean forever) bond with or stick to your stamped concrete again.

Well meaning homeowners and even Handymen seal stamped concrete with silicone based products and the stamped concrete is ruined.
There are water based sealers for concrete available everywhere, but they don’t have silicone in them.

FYI: if you have stamped concrete installed at your home make sure you write down the name of the sealer used on the stamped concrete, because solvent based water sealers don’t work with water based sealers. We hope this helps and we also hope you haven’t put silicone on your stamped concrete.

Ps, there is nothing that will strip the silicone off of the sealer, so don’t pay anyone to try, it will not work. Sorry for the bad news.

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