Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Maintenance for stamped concrete

Stamped concrete will need preventative maintenance every few years and quick fixes year around i.e. oil leaks and chemical spills that can penetrate the sealer and damage the surface of the stamped concrete.  

Stamped concrete: will need to be re-sealed at least every three years along with occasional repairs from damage by snow plows, if you live in the north and there will be oil spills from older cars and trucks that leak oil. The best way to ensure your stamped concrete stays protected from oil and chemical spills is to keep it sealed. 

Stamped concrete that is sealed correctly when it is installed will not need to be sealed as often. Freshly sealed stamped concrete will look as beautiful as the day it was done. Try not to get carried away with too much sealer because the stamped concrete will start to look glossy and real stone doesn't shine in most cases.  

When possible: have the same stamped Concrete Contractor that installed your stamped concrete do your stamped concrete maintenance. They’ll know the colors to use to repair cracks and edges that have been broken. 

keep a large box of the color hardener he release powder (the accent color used on the stamped concrete) to keep for repairs in the future.

The stamped concrete contractors we talked with: tell their customers to use a matt finish so the stamped concrete will look more natural. 

Remember there are water based sealers and solvent based sealers: used on stamped concrete so make sure you know exactly what is used to seal your stamped concrete. You can’t apply a solvent based sealer over a water based sealer. 

Never use Thompson's Water Sealer. DIY Homeowners do this a lot and it will ruin your stamped concrete, because nothing will bond to your stamped concrete after you’ve applied a silicone based sealer. 

Use sand on stamped concrete in the winter: to make the stamped concrete less slippery. Salt eats away at all concrete surfaces. 

Immediately remove any gas or oil from stamped concrete: wash it wish soap and water right away and you’ll be fine. 

Don’t use 3000 PSI pressure washers on stamped concrete: this can eat away at any concrete surface. Use a brush with some soap and water in most cases. 

Crack repair is easy with stamped concrete: use the color hardener (you saved) to fill in the cracks and the lines will blend in with the surface of the stamped concrete.  

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Monday, June 3, 2013

What is the most popular stamped concrete pattern?

What is the most popular stamped concrete pattern? 

We asked the largest stamped concrete contractors in 5 large markets and the most popular stamped concrete pattern is Ashlar Slate.

This is a picture of the ashlar slate pattern below. You can see why this pattern is so popular. This pattern is often used with a brick border around it according to the stamped concrete contractors we spoke with. 

Ashlar slate is the most popular choice for patios, driveways, and pool decks. It works well with other patterns and stones because it is a large pattern and is not so busy.

Ashlar slate stamped concrete patio

Stamped concrete is available in an unlimited number of colors and patterns and has become the first choice of many home owners. 

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